Night Readiness, LLC now brings its interactive, realistic Aviation NVG training technology to Ground Forces training.

Visit Night Readiness @ I/ITSEC 2011, booth # 2935, for live NVG dark room demonstration!

CHANDLER, AZ (November 2011). Night Readiness, LLC, the leader in aviation night vision goggle (NVG) training technology, now brings the interactive realism of its Virtual Terrain Board ™ (VTB) to ground forces training. This new NVG training capability, designed by ground force night operations experts, provides specific curriculum with scenarios and tactics unique to ground forces training operations.

“Answering our customers’ need for the same high fidelity, interactive NVG training now offered by the VTB 3.0 for the aviation training community, Night Readiness presents a new training system specifically designed for our ground level forces. This introduction continues Night Readiness’ tradition of academic excellence for NVG classroom-based training systems deployed in US and International militaries, LE, EMS and other government agencies.” says Stephen Hatley, Night Readiness LLC President. “Our new Ground Training System presents ground level scenarios and high resolution databases targeted towards the requirements of ground forces night operations training.”

The VTB’s unique, interactive and hands-on classroom-based simulation system satisfies operational readiness requirements through a sequence of immersive NVG engagement scenarios set within varying illumination and environmental conditions. The Virtual Terrain Board’s Ground Forces Training content provides photorealistic scenes for direct viewing by actual NVGs with full, look-under, unaided viewing capability.

Night Readiness’ combination of advanced simulation technology and academics for the VTB allows trainers to expose students to the dynamics of NVG operations in diverse and engaging ways in the classroom. The instructor has the ability to manipulate critical environmental factors including shadows, lighting effects, illumination and atmospherics. The result optimizes ground force readiness by training reflexes and intuitions critical for effective night operations.