Customized NVG Classroom Training and Services

Customized Training Curriculums to Meet Your Specific Training Requirements

If your organization has unique NVG training requirements or specific learning objectives that are beyond our current VTB curriculum, our training experts and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) can work closely with your organization to create dynamic training content to meet your specific training objectives.  To ensure that your training needs are met, we use a collaborative methodology that begins with clearly defining your training objectives, establishing design, content, and development milestones, and deploying the final curriculum as part of a new VTB version with continued support and maintenance to ensure your training material and content remains up to date.  Our customized training services integrate leading-edge technologies with practical experience to design and develop the most effective NVG training curriculum for the most stringent training requirements.

Customized NVG Terrain, Environment, and 3D Content Development

If your organization has a requirement to conduct classroom NVG training using a specific geographic area within the virtual environment, or a requirement to us specific air/ground 3D models, our expert developers and 3D modelers can create custom VTB content to meet your specific training needs.    Our expert services include the sourcing of commercial and government data and the production physics-based virtual environments and 3D models that can be incorporated into the VTB to create customized training scenarios.  Our experience in the rapid development of customized terrain databases and 3D models using procedural modeling methods allows us to rapidly develop realistic feature-rich NVG terrain environments, saving you both time and money.  The use of customized synthetic environments and 3D content that matches your trainee’s operational area can help reinforce critical night-flight instruction for safer NVG operations in their real-world environment.

On-Site, On-demand, NVG Classroom Training

Whether you want train an entire class of new students on the capabilities and limitations of NVG operations, or simply conduct a refresher training class for your VTB trainer, Night Readiness is here to assist. We are capable of deploying our state-of-the-art night operations training system to your facility and establish a virtual classroom for high-quality immersive NVG training. Our NVG training experts can work with your organization to deploy a complete VTB training system (that includes a high-resolution digital projection system and NVG compatible screen) and establish an on-site immersive classroom environment for NVG training. Our VTB training curriculum is designed to teach users the capabilities, limitations, misperceptions and other anomalies associated with NVG usage in a classroom setting. Our VTB training includes five robust training lessons that demonstrate critical NVG characteristics for both initial and refresher training.

Training lessons include:

  1. Illumination and Contrast
  2. Lighting Effects
  3. Shadow Effects
  4. NVG Operating Environment
  5. Misperceptions and Illusions*

In addition, if you are a current VTB customer and would like to have a refresher course on the VTB curriculum, Night Readiness training experts can work with you to identify your specific training objectives and deliver a customized refresher course at an affordable cost.

Please contact us to request an onsite demonstration of our VTB System at your training facility.

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