The Product: Practical, Hands-On, Real-World Training.

The Result: A Readiness Advantage for Safe, Reliable Night Operations.

The Complete NVG Training Package:

The Virtual Terrain Board (VTB) Training System is designed to teach the capabilities and limitations of NVGs to all operators. The VTB allows rapid, dynamic, realistic NVG effects on all types of terrain recognition and environments.

The VTB provides an immersive NVG classroom environment easily demonstrated and controlled by the classroom instructor.  The system’s small footprint and high-resolution digital projection system driven by multi-spectral, physics-based databases provides students with a safe and reliable training experience.


Full Curriculum, Hardware and Software:

  • Digital DLA projector with custom lens filter
  • High-Performance Computers
  • Hand-held Instructor Controller
  • Instructor Operator Station with Easy-Touch Screen
  • Custom Projector Screen
  • VTB Instructor Guide
  • Five Academic NVG Training Lessons Including a Free-Flight Training Section
    • Illumination and Contrast
    • Lighting Effects
    • Shadow Effects
    • NVG Operating Environment*
    • Misperceptions and Illusions*
    • Interactive free-fly training flights*

Software Options:

VTB Aviation System

VTB Ground Forces System

Optional Thermal Sensor Mode in Aviation or Ground System

Hardware Options:

  • Spare Units

Service Options:

  • 2-5 year Warranty Program
  • Additional Training Days
  • Refresher Training for Existing Customers
  • Training Package for Non-Existing Customers

Please contact us to request an onsite demonstration of our VTB System at your training facility.

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